Overall guidance on contributing to a PyAnsys repository appears in the Contributing topic in the PyAnsys Developer’s Guide. Ensure that you are thoroughly familiar with this guide before attempting to contribute to PyPIM.

The following contribution information is specific to PyPIM.

Clone the PyPIM repository#

To clone and install the latest version of PyPIM in development mode, run this code:

git clone
cd pypim/

Run tests#

Test automation relies on tox, which can be installed with this command:

pip install tox

Tests are entirely based on mocks and do not require any external software. Run the tests with this command:

tox -e py

Build the documentation#

You can build PyPIM documentation with this command:

tox -e doc

Build the package#

The PyPIM package is built using flit.

To build the package, use this command:

flit build

You can also directly install PyPIM in your current environment with this command:

flit install

Release process#

PyPIM follows the same release procedure as other PyAnsys libraries.